Which Are HIGHEST FLYING DRONES (a complete guide)

highest flying drones

Numerous individuals believe that flight range and elevation are the same. However, on the grounds that your drone can fly 500 meters from your remote doesn’t imply that it can fly 500 meters up in the air. The drone must be explicitly worked to reach maximum heights. Peruse on to find out about the best highest-flying drones today!

How does it function? All things considered, because of an enormous boom in the commercial drone market in the previous years, drones are cheaper to manufacture and purchase. This implies they can be made incredibly light, which permits them to attain a maximum height rapidly. With that, the motors can be made exceptionally light without losing much of power, which gives the quadcopter the push it needs to hold those high elevations and causes the propellers to go sufficiently quick to keep up its height. 

There are heaps of uses for highest flying drones – from construction to video and photography to basic recreational use. We’ve aggregated a list of the best high flying quadcopters – everyone tried and vouched for by the Dronesshit staff. Regardless of whether you’re an accomplished pilot searching for guidance or a first-time client who doesn’t have a clue where to begin, this list makes certain to assist you with finding the highest flying drone that is perfect for you.

Let’s define each of the drones one by one :

1. DJI Phantom 4 Pro:

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The DJI Phantom 4 is a famous quadcopter with a 350mm (13.8″) wingspan. It offers much more beyond its elevation ability.


Maximum height:19685 feet (6000 meters)

Operating range: 16404 feet (5000 meters)


Long battery life

quick top speed

12MP 4K camera

stabilization feature



bit expensive

the significant expense of extra batteries,

long setup time

A normal user has never attained the most extreme heights apparently. The Phantom 4 has the ability, in principle, yet DJI applies special software to confine these illicit cutoff points. You can, in any case, take off to the FAA’s legitimate elevation effortlessly and fly in the range permitted by law. The transmitter works flawlessly without dropping the signals.

2. DJI Phantom 3 Professional:

DJI Phantom 3 Professional

Remaining with DJI is the Phantom 3 Professional quadcopter. It likewise has an amazing, however, confined, elevation range. Its highest-flying range is additionally acceptable yet not to the extent the Phantom 4 above.


-19685 feet (6000 meters)

-Professional f/2.8 focal point with a 94-degree field of view (FOV)


Good battery life

4K Ultra-HD video

12MP still

instinctive application


-No crash identification include/collision detection

-No subject following/subject tracking

-exorbitant batteries

DJI Phantom 3 has 23-minute most extreme flight time in perfect conditions. The long battery life is particularly welcome for professional photographers and videographers. What’s more, having the option to fly high and far allows you to get the chance to capture shots that a ton of contender drones can’t reach. The pro-wide-angle f/2.8 lens covers an enormous zone without making such a large number of moves. (Wikipedia)

There are the fresh clear 12MP stills just as the professional level 4K UHD video up to 30fps. DJI’s gimbal adjustment innovation includes one more quality layer that guarantees the master level videography. This is certifiably not a modest drone however you do get the amazing incentive for cash in all regions. It’s amazing to fly as well.

Critical Aspects:

The Phantom 3 lacks any obstacle avoidance as the DJI Phantom 4. There’s a positive side to this it will likely make you a cautious pilot. There’s no subject tracking in the Phantom-3 either. That is a failure considering the significant expense tag of this quadcopter. Lastly, there’s a high additional battery cost. DJI Intelligent batteries are acceptable yet expensive.

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3. Autel Robotics X-Star:

Autel Robotics

It’s another quality camera drone that can look down on the earth from far off. It’s nearly as well known as DJI Phantoms 3 and 4. Some state it’s a clone however it’s most certainly not.


Maximum altitude3281 feet(1000 meters)

Long flight time


4K Camera and removable gimbal

Starpoint Positioning System



the lens cover is absent for camera

no crash cash avoidance

advanced propelled alignment is tricky

Many individuals try to compare the Autel Robotics X-Star Premium to the DJI Phantom 4. I figure a superior correlation would be the Phantom 3 Pro. I additionally believe it’s a proficient quadcopter in its own privilege and people should review it as. all things considered. It has a great 1000 meters altitude and isn’t limited like the Phantoms. It’s the obligation of the client to keep inside the legitimate furthest reaches obviously. The 2000 meter control range is additionally noteworthy for this serious quadcopter.

Different Reasons to Consider the Autel Robotics X-Star:

25 minutes of flight time

removable camera and gimbal

upgradable in future

offers stability with its premium length

the intelligent flight control system (GLONASS satellite navigation and dual GPS-helped by Starpoint Positioning System.)

Starlink App (HD video feed from the drone to your mobile device)

Critical Aspect:

This quadcopter accompanies its own delightful defensive hard case. It would have been pleasant to see a lens cover to secure the glass component outside the case. Another negative is the deficiency of collision avoidance. What’s more, a few clients, particularly beginner pilots, feel that the advanced calibration is dubious.

4.Yuneec Q500 4K Typhoon Quadcopter:

Yuneec Typhoon

The Yuneec Q500 4K Typhoon Quadcopter is a quality drone that has a great deal of positive feedback. Its high flying capacity is stunning, not that you can legitimately abuse this of course.


Maximum height of 3281 feet (1000 meters)

4K/30fps UHD video


Built-in touchscreen

incorporated 3-axis gimbal

12MP stills


Slow flyer

long charging time

not travel friendly

You’re going to either cherish or severely dislike this high-elevation quadcopter. It takes off easily to the FAA’s most extreme stature limit empowering pilots to catch some astonishing aerial shots. The flight range isn’t awful either however, it’s not in the same class as some other drones right now. It’s a slow flyer as well, so you wouldn’t need it to travel excessively far in case that there Isn’t sufficient battery left to take it back to base.

Recording and Photography with the Yuneec Q500 Typhoon:

12MP camera with 3 axis gimbal attached

4k video at 30fps

easy to operate

have good looks also

Critical Aspects:

The Q500 4K Typhoon drone may be one of the high flying rockstars however it misses the mark in other regions. The working reach is all right however not a huge deal. Where it truly misses the mark is with its max speed of only 18 mph or 8 m/s. That will be frustrating for certain pilots. It’s not the slowest quadcopter out there yet it’s among the slowest in its group.

The most extreme flight time isn’t really awful at 25 minutes. This is similar to considering the battery can take as long as 2-hours to completely revive. It would be a smart thought to put resources into a couple of extra batteries. The last issue is with the size. It’s not the weight that is an issue but rather the development. It’s neither minimized nor foldable so the Yuneec Q500 4K Typhoon isn’t what you may call ‘travel-friendly’.

5.Hubsan X4 H502S 5.8G FPV Quadcopter:

Hubsan X4 H502S 5.8G FPV Quadcopter:

The Hubsan FPV X4 Desire is a reasonable quadcopter that is quick enjoyment and simple to fly. It accompanies some straightforward set-up guidelines that help you to get this drone unpacked and airborne in a matter of seconds.


Maximum height of 492 feet (150meters)

GPS auto-situating framework


Built-in 720P HD camera

Altitude Hold

Return to Home and Failsafe

quick charging


Transmitter batteries excluded

normal flight time

normal picture quality

The design of the Hubsan X4 H502S 5.8G FPV is quite cool and the fabricate isn’t terrible for a drone in its group. The multi-function FPV transmitter feels somewhat plasticky yet it’s hearty and useful.

This little quad can without much of a stretch arrive at the FAA maximum elevation limitation with its flying height of around 492 feet. It might be a basic level drone yet it has advanced features making it work with plenty of cutting edge drone’s functions.

The GPS auto-situating system gives you the much looked for after Follow Me feature. The quad’s 720P HD built-in camera won’t overwhelm you on the quality front however it’s still quite satisfactory.

The Failsafe Features:

The drone’s s failsafe highlights are certainly noticeable. It consequently comes back to base (home) if the battery power gets excessively low or the quadcopter drops connection with the transmitter.

There’s additionally the one-key return for a stressless return of the quad. This is especially valuable when a pilot feels they’re losing control or that something’s not exactly right.

Critical Aspect:

Before you purchase the X4 ensure it that you get four AA transmitter batteries in advance as they’re excluded. in addition, the max flight time is only 12 minutes so you might need to put resources into an additional drone battery or two.

6.Traxxas Aton Quadcopter:

Traxxas Aton Quadcopter

The Traxxas Aton seems adorable to a few yet looks can be tricky. This amazing little quadcopter is a brute with a manageable side. The three flight modes let any pilot—at any level—figure out how to tame the monster.


The maximum elevation of 394 feet (120 meters)

Super-quick top speed (perfect for hustling)


Durable, 20-minute flight time

double mode GPS

compressed air brakes

come back to home


Upgrades made it contrary with Mac OS

vibration issues

There’s the film mode for basic level pilots(recommended). For cutting edge and experienced flyers, you have the Sport and Expert modes to look over. It’s quick, fun, and irate as well. The 200-meter flight range isn’t the greatest component. All things considered, it can at present trip nearly to the FAA’s most extreme height limitation of 122m. This flight range and elevation are perfect for drone racers.

Quick and Furious:

This drone can attain at a max speed of around 50mph which is hyper. Just quad racers would need to push it as far. It’s somewhat similar to street vehicles in such a manner. To arrive at these top rates you need to fly the quad in Sport Mode. On the off chance that things begin to fall out, there are always the compressed air brakes to depend on. \

It can bear some of the rough landings as well thanks to its tough build. A couple of other features worth notice are the return to home feature, 20-minute most extreme flight time, double mode GPS, and It additionally has high-visibility brilliant LED lights that clients can alter.

Critical Aspect:

Ongoing redesigns rendered the Traxxas Aton incompatible with Mac OS. Check the present status before you make your buying decision. Another downside is with vibration as it can here and there meddle with video transmission and picture quality. Flying styles and speeds will clearly play their part here.

How High Can A Drone fly ?

This inquiry is really not as simple as the vast majority think. There are numerous factors that influence the general stature at which a drone can fly, and they are as per the following:
In case you’re attempting to fly a top-notch drone in an area that is high over the ocean level, odds are your drone may have the option to fly low or won’t start. For what reason would that be? All things considered, a few drones are hardcoded not to hover over a specific height above ocean level. It’s moronic, I know, yet that is exactly how it is – ocean level can play a big role in the maximum elevation at which a quad can fly.
The second factor that comes into play with high elevation quads is their transmission quality. In case we’re discussing a strong receiver/transmitter blend, transmission shouldn’t be the limiting factor. Assuming in any case, we’re discussing a less expensive model here, your drone’s flying altitude may be intensely restricted.
Another important factor is the supposed vertical signal issue. At the point when you’re flying a quadcopter straight over its transmitter, there’s a “signal dead zone” which can be corrected by adjusting the antennas.


Proceeding onward, we should concentrate on the two regularly referenced terms when discussing drones and their maximum range/height. As should be obvious, we’re pointing to LOS and BVLOS, so how about we hop directly to it! LOS represents Line of Sight and speaks to administrators flying little unmanned airborne vehicles while keeping up a view with them.
When the line is broken, that flight abandons LOS to BVLOS, which represents beyond visual line of sight. We’re discussing two totally various things here – they are not to be mixed up! Something else you should remember is the way that most nations carefully restrict flying BVLOS. Always check the regulations in advance.

Wrapping  Up:

wrapping up the article, this is the complete information about highest-flying drones. I honestly wish that this guide would help you in making an informed decision about the highest-flying drones now. It took a great bit of time to research and write this article just to help our audience and viewers . “wink”.

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