How To Play Pubg On Mac – A Complete Guide

how to play pubg on mac

As the Pubg game is not officially launched for mac and iOS users, game lovers who are using Mac or iOS facing trouble playing Pubg on Mac. But, iOS users also love this game and want to play Unknown Battlegrounds with their family and friends. In this article, we try to find out the possible … Read more

How to screenshot on iPhone 12

How to screenshot on iphone 12

It is the most common question when you buy a new phone. How to screenshot on iPhone 12 is also a noteworthy problem for some of us. Most of us find it difficult to use iOS. Because we may be shifting from another operating system “Android” to  “iOS”. And sometimes, we buy a new toy … Read more

Razer Blade 15 Review 2021

If you find a gaming laptop in 2021, you should glance at the razer blade 15 advanced 2021. This laptop provides all the best features to make your gaming experience excellent. In this review article, we are going to break down this giant industry leader laptop into bits to know it well. One gets frustrated … Read more