Drone Parts List And Price

For swift and smooth drone flights, every drone part is important. It gives you confidence if you have upgraded drone parts and components. Sometimes you will be requiring to change some of your drone parts or upgrade them due to some problems. So, knowing about the drone parts and their prices will help you in solving your drone issues. This article will educate you about the drone parts list and price.

So, let us dive deep into this article and find out something new and extraordinary:

Drone Parts List

Drone Parts Price

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 $13.94 - $32.99 (carbon fiber)

Brushless Motors

 $50 - $60 (4 pcs)

Motor Mount


Landing Gear

 $10 - $20


 $50 - $60 (4 pcs)

Flight Controller

up to $100


 up to $60


 $30 (2 pcs)


up to $30


up to $100


 up to $30

Drone Parts List And Price :

1.Standard Propellers: these are the front propellers of the drones, they carry the drone through the air. The props help the quadcopters in flying as the helicopter props help the helicopter to take off.

Some props are made up of plastics, while others of good quality are made up of carbon fiber (tough yet lighter in weight).

For safety purposes, you can also insert prop guards if flying indoor or nearer to the people.

People are innovating in the props design to improve the flying time and better flying experience. There is another class of propellers for reducing the noise of the drones called low noise UAV props.

however, it is advised to check the health of your prop before flying. One must carry an extra pair of the props in case you bear some damage to it. You must not fly with the bent or damaged propellers.

Price = $13.94 – $32.99 (carbon fiber)

2. Pusher Propellors: these are present at the back of the drone, as the name suggests, they mainly push the drone forward. The contra rotation of these props cancels out the motor torques during stationary flights.

These are commonly made from plastic, but carbon fiber is also used to manufacture them for good quality.

It is also advised to inspect these props before flights and carry an extra pair.

Price = $13.94 – $32.99 (carbon fiber)

3. Brushless Motors: due to its efficiency, reliability and low sound, the brushless motors are being used in almost all the advanced drones. Because of its efficiency and design, it provides more flight time and consumes less battery power.

DJI  has patented its motors design. It has manufactured a curved magnet that fits perfectly around the motor for smooth flights.

Be advised to inspect the motors on a regular basis. Listen to its sound carefully, if it doesn’t feel right, maybe your motor needs a replacement or up-gradation. It is also recommended to have a spare motor in case of an emergency.

Price = $50 – $60 (4 pcs)

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4. Motor Mount: the quadcopter’s motor mount can sometimes be built from combination fittings of landing struts or can be part of the UAV frame.

Motors are fixed onto it, in other words, it is the framework on which motors are placed in the drones.

carefully check the motor mount or the area near to the motors for stress cracks. You can send it back for warranty claims if you find any stress cracks on it.

Price = $23.99

5. Landing Gear: depending upon the requirements of the drones and the pilots, some drones may have long helicopter-style skids while others may ignore it altogether.

many fixed-wing drones that cover long distances like SenseFly eBee, Trimble UX5, or the 3DR Aero-M don’t possess landing gears, because they can land smoothly on their belly.

most drones have fixed landing gear, however, the advanced ones have retractable landing gears providing a whole 360 degrees view in the air.

Landing gear extenders are also used in the areas of high grasslands.

some of the retractable landing gear drones  include :

 DJI Inspire 1, Spreading Wings S-1000+ – DJI

 QR X900, Voyager 3, Scout X4 – Walkera

check your landing gear after every rough landing, this would save the other expensive components of the drones like sensors, cameras, etc.

Price = $10 – $20

6. Boom: longer boom increases stability, while shorter enhances maneuverability. Boom must be tough to bear the crash, with little interference with prop downdraft. The boom is part of the main body In many drones, Others have it as a separate part.

7. Main Drone Body Parts: this is the headquarter of the drones comprising of battery, mainboards, processors avionics, cameras, and sensors.

most drones are not waterproof, so it is advised to consider the weather before taking off. It can save the main body parts of the drones from a short circuit, hence replacing them.

8. Electronic Speed Controller (ESCs): an electric circuit to monitor the motor’s speed, direction. DC battery power is converted into 3 Phase AC, for driving brushless motors, by ESC.

ESC is an important component of all the modern drones, which offer high power, high resolution, high frequency 3 phase AC power to the motors in a compact miniature package.

a great innovation came in a DJI Inspire 1 using a new sinusoidal drive electronic speed controller and replacing the square wave drive of traditional ESCs. It goes ahead by using closed-loop torque control and distinct functional redundancy. Which adds extra efficiency along with reliability to the motors.

ESC is inside the mainframe of the quadcopter and usually, you don’t need to do anything with this. However, certain companies offer special development kit (SDK) which can be used to customize your drone by reprogramming the ESC and other drone components. Companies like DJI, Yuneec, and Parrot offer these kits.

Price = $50 – $60 (4 pcs)

9. Flight Controller: the flight controller receives and interprets the signals from the receiver, battery monitor, GPS module, IMU and other sensors.

It controls the motor speed through ESCs, provides steering and triggering the camera and other payloads. It also regulates autopilot, follows me, waypoints, failsafe and other advanced and autonomous functions.

the flight controller holds the central position is controlling your drone.

most drones won’t require any amendments in the flight controller. But, if you want to re-program it for any reason the (SDK) mentioned above would allow this only.

Price = up to $100

10. GPS Module: it mostly combines the GPS receiver and magnetometer to provide latitude, longitude, elevation plus compass heading from a single device. GPS is a premium requirement for many autonomous functions of drones like waypoint navigation.

some of the drones are using Glonass, a Russian equivalent of GPS. This means more chances of your drones to find multiples satellites to get its position from. Hence, with GPS and Glonass the chances of losing the connection with satellite reduce to none.

11. Receiver: uses a standard radio receiver unit. The minimum channels required in a quadcopter are 4, but 5 are recommended.

Price = up to $60

12. Antenna: it may be a loose wire whip or helical type, depending on your receiver.

these are easy to upgrade with a circularly polarized cloverleaf antenna that provides long video signals with improved video stability. The antennas which stop the issues of multi-path effect and blind angle are considered good ones.

Price = $30 (2 pcs)

13. Battery: Lithium Polymer (LiPo) batteries are most often used in drones. These provide the best combination of power density and lifetime.

Drones’ flight time depends upon the batteries like DJI Phantom 4 Pro v2.0 has 30 minutes of flight time.

It is also advised here to keep extra batteries with you in case you are doing outdoor shoots.

Price = up to $30

14. Battery Monitor: It displays the power level of the battery to the pilot. It is necessary to be aware of your drone’s battery and its flight time. Because you don’t want to stuck in the situation where your drone goes out of the sight and battery runs dry.

15. Gimbal: the drone gimbal is the pivotal mount,  which rotates around x,y, z-axis to point the camera and other sensors. It prevents the drone from moving in multiples directions to point the camera on anything, instead, the gimbal does it with ease and drone remains still.

Without good gimbal, you will not be able to take professional photos and capture videos. The problems you can face are rolling shutter, jello, and barrel effect.

Price = up to $100

 16. Camera: Latest drones like DJI Mavic Mini, DJI Mavic 2 Pro, DJI Mavic Air, DJI Phantom 4 Pro v2.0, Spark, uses Go Pro and other compact HD cameras, which provide on-board storage plus real-time streaming.

numerous drones come with built-in cameras and gimble, these cameras are specially designed for aerial filming and photography. The advantage of buying these types of drones e.g DJI Phantom 4 Pro v2.0 is that you are buying a proven and tested system.

17- Sensors: drones are being used not for just aerial film making and photography. Now, lidar, thermal and many other sensors are being mounted on to the drones for a wide variety of applications in different sectors.

drones are being used in land mapping, agriculture, delivery, 3D mapping,

to create a 3D map, all one needs is a top drone with a camera and GPS.

Price = up to $30

Conclusion and Recommendations: this article compiled the drone’s parts list and price in every detail. However, there are some drone parts that need to be replaced often like propellers and sometimes battery also. Owner s of the drones are advised to buy some of these parts in extra quantity

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