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Autel Robotics X-Star Premium Review

Autel Robotics X-Star Premium is the advanced version of X-star. It offers better functionalities and features. It has impressed the masses with its performance in the air. Let’s review the drone in detail now.

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Please Note: X-star premium is ready to fly a drone, it means that you can start flying straight out of the box.No extra labor is required on your part to make it ready for the fly. However, the mobile device will be provided by you for the FPV feature. The mobile device is attached with the controller to operate the drone in first-person view mode




  • Dual GPS/GLONASS Navigations

  • 4K Ultra HD Camera

  • HD Live View for 1.2 miles 

  • Smart Remote Controller For FPV

Build Specification of X-star Premium

The following listed items must be found in the box when you open the box first time.

X-Star Premium drone

– Controller

– Intelligent Battery

–  Premium Tough Case

– 1 Hour Fast Battery Charger

– Spare Propellers

– 64 GB Micro SD Card

– Charging Cable

To see the unboxing of the X-Star Premium drone, check out this video.

Design And Durability Of X-Star Premium Drone

 If you talk about the design and durability of X-Star Premium, the drone is perfect for aerial photography and film making. It is a user-friendly drone which offers easy to use the function for newbies also.

Apart from the other drones available in the market, this drone provides a better flight control system which maintains the smooth flight of the drone.

The drone is of optimal size. Which means it is neither too big nor too small. It has a wingspan of 352mm. Plus the X-Star comes in 2 different colors orange and white, you can opt for any color of your likings. The body is made up of plastic, which makes the drone lighter in weight.

To see some of the footage taken by X-star premium, watch this video.

Camera Of X-Star Premium

The camera of the drone is not an ordinary one. It provides a 108-degree FOV with ultra HD 4K resolution. It also enables the user to record a video in:

– 720p in 240fps

– 1080p in 120fps

– 4K in 40fps

– 2.7k in 60fps

Pictures or stills can be taken in 12MP.too.

The camera is inbuilt, it means you don’t have to install any external camera to the drone. Plus, X-Star Premium does not support any external camera like GoPro, which is good because the camera that drone offers is much better than any external camera you can think of.

The 3- axis gimbal provides stabilization to the drone. Which makes the videos and photos capturing clear and stable. The gimbal is also beneficial in a windy atmosphere, where the drone may find some turbulence due to wind. However, winds of tornadoes and storms are not bearable. The videos and photos are directly saved in the micro SD card, X-Star Premium can afford 64 GB micro SD cards.

You can check the quality of the video of a drone in this footage

Battery And Flight Time Of X-Star Premium

The battery offers 25 minutes of flight time, this is quite good as compared to other drones like DJI Phantom 3.  Not all the drones of this size can give 25 minutes of flight time. It can definitely stay up longer than most of the other drones in the market. Which is quite good for filmmakers.

The recharging takes 1 hour approximately with the built-in charger. This also is an additional feature because most of the drones take up to 2 hours to recharge the drone.

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Controller Of X-Star Premium

It has an operating range of 2000 meters with a frequency of 2.4 GHz. The quadcopter is controlled through the controller with a smartphone attached to it. The Starlink application needs to be installed from the android play store or any other app store that suits you.

The minimum requirement for the operating system of your mobile phone is Android 4.2 or iOS 8.0 to install the Starlink app and connect it to the controller and play around with the drone.

The joysticks are easy to move and manipulate, plus the function keys are user friendly. Even a beginner can use the function keys very easily for aerial photography.

The mobile, or tablet that is attached to the controller shows the necessary information that you need to see including the charging percentage and more.

Flight Performance Of X-Star Premium

The Orange color gives you a better flight performance, as its visibility becomes more. It would give you a feeling of flying a traffic cone.

Furthermore, pilots have noticed that the drone bob up and down occasionally while landing or taking off. But this does not happen all the time.

The performance of X-Star Premium is better in the high altitude flying. Because at a lower height of 20 feet or less, the drone gets confused and change in its height takes place automatically for a few feet of 2 3 feet.

Speed OF X-Star Premium

It can reach up to a speed of 36 miles per hour. Which is a decent speed for this kind of drone! However, the ascent speed is 6 m/s, and the descent speed reaches to 3 m/s.

Value For Money For X-Star Premium

You can purchase the used drone in a very good condition from Amazon in just $649, the seller has got 40% of positive rankings on amazon.

Advanced Features Of X-Star Premium Drone

1 Starpoint Positioning System = Measure the altitude and tracks the position of the pilot as well as a drone.

2 GPS and GLONASS = both systems are present in this drone, to help the drone with positioning and auto-following, as well as performing other automatic functions.

3 Waypoint, Orbit, auto-follow = all these advanced features are included in X-star premium

4 Start With Beginner Mode = the beginner mode helps the starter to fix the range and speed of the drone automatically. This keeps the drone in the pitot’s control all the time.

5 FPV = this allows you to watch 4k footage in real-time., even if the drone is out of sight.

watch the real-time footage here

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