What To Do With Old Video Cameras

What To Do With Old Video Cameras

This idea has come to the minds of many of us. What to do with old video cameras, should we discard them, break them, or do some scientific experiments on them. It depends on one’s vision to deal with extra stuff on his hands.

Some of us are more creative than others, we try harder to learn from experimenting. For that, old video cameras can serve the scientific purpose for us.

What Can Possibly Be Done With Old Video Cameras?

The answer to this question is very simple. Let’s take a gist of the common ideas:

–        You can donate your old video camera to different NGOs, Associations, Deserving Individuals, etc

–        You can give your old cameras to youngsters for their happiness

–        You can sell your cameras to get some cash back in your pocket.

Let’s discuss these ideas in a bit more detail.

1 Donate Your Old Videos Cameras to NGOs, Associations:

There will always be NGOs, associations, or organizations, that will happily accept your old gadgets and cameras.

These organizations have a number of volunteers and members, who are deserving. So your gadgets are put to the noble cause by them.

  • Donating to the cameras to the film or photography courses offering schools, colleges, or institutions. These institutions are mostly tight on budget, and the parents of the students who can not afford cameras can be well served.
  • Donating the old video camera to charity shops. These shops are always looking for the old-fashioned things, which people have consumed. But, few needy people still rely on them. So they can buy it from charity shops.
  • Donating the camera to a photography charity is another viable option for you. There will help the people who depended on charity. Some of the suggestions for photography charities are:

1   Film Photography Project

2    PhotoVoice

3    Disabled Photographer’s Society

4    Josephine Herrick Project

2 Giving Your Old Video Camera To Youngsters:

Mostly the photographers are heard saying..” I was given an old camera by my [Friend, family members, etc]”.

You can find youngsters in your family, friends, or neighborhood, who are passionate about photography. Nowadays everyone loves to capture selfies and post them on social media platforms to gather likes and followers.

So, you can be that family member for a potential next Steve McCurry.

3 Selling Your Old Video Cameras To Get Some Cashback:

It may be possible that your camera is still valuable to some people out there. So, to get some money back for your next purchase, you can choose to sell your old video cameras in different marketplaces.

These marketplaces can be online as well as your local electronics marketplaces.

To give you an idea about the online marketplaces, where you can list your old video camera for sale, we tried to list them down:

These are some of the places where you can look to sell your old DSLR Cameras.

Let me give you a bonus point for dealing with your old gadget.

If you are a blogger or a Youtuber, you can give this extra camera of yours to one of your lucky subscribers. In this way, you can further enhance your following on these platforms.

Concluding The Discussion:

This is not the complete list of ideas to handle your old video cameras. You can still think of a better way to put your camera in good hands.

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