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Green Bay Packers’s Aaron Rodgers takes the responsibility!

Green Bay Packers's Aaron Rodgers takes the responsibility!

Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers takes the responsibility of the last night’s game on his shoulders. His decision to remain with the Green Bay Packers resides on this statement of his

If I am going to keep playing, I don’t want to be a part of the rebuild.

Rodgers believes he needs to make a difficult decision regarding his career as a footballer.

What is Aaron Rodgers thinking right now?

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After being beaten by the San Francisco 49ers in the divisional playoffs, Rodgers is seriously considering making a harsh decision in his life. He accepted the fair share of the blame for the defeat.

What did Aaron Rodgers say in the post-match press conference?

Aaron Rodgers said: ”I am still super competitive, still know I can play at a high level, so it’s going to be a tough decision.” He added, ”I have a lot of things to weigh in the coming weeks. But man, just so much gratitude for this city and this organization and such a long, long career here that I’m proud of and really thankful for all the men and women that work here, the men I’ve gotten to cross paths with, coaches and players over the years. ”

What Do the Packers Think about Aaron Rodgers?

The Green Bay Packers are not ready to let go of Aaron Rodgers. The star player is super favorite to grab his fourth NFL MVP and second in a streak.

Packers Coach Matt LaFleur’s Views

The coach, Matt LaFleur, said, “surely, we want him back here”. The statement came after losing the match and being unable to reach the Super Bowl for a second straight calendar year.

Matt LaFleur said, “I think we’d be crazy not to want him back here. He’s going to be a two-time MVP. This guy does so much for our football team, not only what you guys see on Sunday or every game day, but what he does in that locker room, how he leads. I know what he puts into this thing, and certainly, I’m extremely disappointed that we couldn’t get over the hump for not only him but for everyone in that locker room. ”

Why Aaron Rodgers feels guilty for the first time?

Aaron Rodgers missed a touchdown throw in a playoff game for the first time since the 2010 NFC Championship. As a result, the 49ers won a fourth time in the postseason tournaments. Rodgers’ cumulative QBR of 19.3 showed his downfall.

The Packers got only three points in the final nine drives after the opening drive touchdown. This was the record possession without a touchdown after the opening 38-3 loss to the Saints.

Could this season impact Aaron Rodgers’s career?

Rodgers said, “I am so disappointed by some of the decisions I made tonight. I definitely take my fair share of the blame tonight. ”

Rodgers seemed sad about the outcome of this season. He looked dissatisfied with the way things happened this season.

However, Rodgers’ relationship with general manager Brian Gutekunst has improved significantly since the last meetup.

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