When Is The Full Moon In November 2023?

When Is The Full Moon In November 2023?

The full moon in November 2023 is expected to shine on 27 November, called Beaver Moon. The moon will be opposite the Sun and fully illuminated in its orbit around the Earth.

According to NASA experts, this full moon will be a partial lunar eclipse. In a partial lunar eclipse, the imperfect alignment occurs between the Sun, Earth, and the Moon. In a partial lunar eclipse, the moon passes through the partial umbra of the Earth

Phases Of The Moon In November 2023

The moon’s phases in November 2023 are as follows:

  • Last Quarter: Nov. 5. 2023
  • New Moon: Nov. 13. 2023
  • First Quarter: Nov. 20. 2023
  • Full Moon: Nov. 27. 2023

Definition Of Beaver Moon?

According to the old farmer’s Almanac, Beaver Moon originates from the early colonial period or Native American tribes. Beavers used to collect enough food and water and resided in shelters to pass the winter season. And “Furtrappers” exploited this time to hunt beavers for their pelt.

When Is The Full Moon In November 2023?

Which Is The Suitable Time To See Full Moon In November?

The best time to witness the full moon is before 6 a.m. According to the experts, the moon will be brightest at 4:15 a.m. on Monday, the 27th. And if you don’t like getting up that early, you can watch the full moon just after the sunset of 26th November 2023.

For the Indianapolis area, the moonrise on Monday, Nov. 27 should take place at around 5:23 p.m., crossing the Meridian region at 12:21 a.m. and finally setting at 8:09 a.m. Tuesday.

Why Sometimes The Moon Becomes Red?

The exciting color (Orange to Red) of the moon sometimes looks like a horror movie moon scene, but we often wonder why this happens.

This Reddish Colored Moon arises due to the light reflection of the sun from the surface of the moon. When the moon passes through the Umbra of the Earth, some of the sunlight is reflected from the Earth’s atmosphere before hitting the moon.

Shorter wavelength colors scatter more easily than longer wavelength colors, which include Red and Orange. The greater the clouds or specks of dust particles are present in the Earth’s atmosphere during the Lunar Eclipse, the reddish color moon will appear.

When Is The Next Full Moon In November 2023?

The Cold Moon – the only full moon left for 2023 will be visible on 26 December 2023. That will mark the day after Christmas Eve.

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