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Dronesshit Disclaimer

Post Disclaimer

All Posts and information shared here are completely individual opinions and no harm is intended to any brand or any person

Emails Used

All emails provided to us by you are safe and will not be shared with any third party or will not be sold to anyone. We will never spam your inbox to compromise our trust with you

Affiliate Disclaimer

Some links on our website are affiliate links. If you go through that link and buy any product we will earn a small amount of commission.

Advertisement Policy

We do have third-party companies to serve advertisements on our website /blog such as Adsense. We prefer only a limited amount of ads on our website to not ruin your user experience.

Brand Disclaimer

We respect every brand and its reputation in the market. All the reviews and opinions are based on our experience and individual opinions. We prefer to be unbiased in every way possible. Every post and review is purely for educational purposes only.

For any concern or any issue related to our privacy policy and disclaimer, you can contact us at dronesshit@gmail.com

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