How To Increase Merit In Pubg

The merit system in Pubg monitors the level of fair play in the game. It tries to maintain a healthy culture in Pubg. So, this is the most common question how do increase the merit points in Pubg?

In order to enjoy the maximum levels of the game, the players need to maintain certain threshold points. In case of a failure in meeting the threshold points, accounts get restricted. When a new player joins the Pubg, he gets 100 merit points, but if due to the reasons discussed below, the merit points fall below 60, the player will be able to play solo matches only.

How To Increase Merit In Pubg

How Players Lose Merit Points In Pubg Game?

If the player teams up with the cheaters, he or she will lose the merit point. The player will not face any penalty on the first instance but can lose up to 15 merit points on subsequent cases.

2 If the player kills one of his teammates in the game, he will be penalized for losing the 20 merit points on the first go, however, if the crime persists, the player can lose 30 merit points. and can breach the 60 merit points barrier.

How can players increase the merit points in Pubg Game?

The players can earn merit points for good conduct in the game. If the pub player ends up in the top 10 positions, he will get 3 merit points. But if you finish up the game between the 11th and 50th position, 2 merit points will be awarded to you. And single merit points for the 51st to 100th position.

If someone tells you any other way to increase the merit point in the pubg game, he must be lying to you.

What are the effects of losing the merit points?

What are the effects of loosing the merit points?

It would be difficult or even impossible to increase the merit points if lost below the 60 points mark. The player will have to face isolation in the form of solo matchmaking.

What are the effects of loosing the merit points?

What are the benefits of 100 merit points in the Pubg mobile game?

The major benefit is that your BP limit will increase to 200.

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