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Pilosaur Found From Dorset Cliffs!

Pilosaur Found From Dorset Cliffs!

From the Dorset’s Jurassic Coast Cliffs, the skull of a sea monster is extracted. The skull is believed to be of Pilosaur ( A 150 million-old marine reptile )

The skull is 2 meters long and is the biggest fossil ever discovered of its kind.

David Attenborough’s program on BBC will feature the skill on New Year’s Ever. Steve Etches, A Palaentologist expressed his views by stating that there is no specimen in the world to match it.

He tells BBC News. “It’s one of the best fossils I’ve ever worked on. What makes it unique is it’s complete,”

He went on to say, “The lower jaw and the upper skull are meshed together, as they would be in life. Worldwide, there are hardly any specimens ever found to that level of detail. And if they are, a lot of the bits are missing, whereas this, although it’s slightly distorted – it’s got every bone present.”

One can sense the magnitude of the creature’s size by just seeing its skull. Long 130 teeth at the front are ferocious to watch. And, at the back of every tooth fine ridges are present, which would have helped the Pilosaur to pierce the flash of its hunt.

The Pilosaur remained a deadly predator of 10-12m in length with four strong limbs. The front limbs helped it to swim at a remarkable speed.

Dr Andre Rowe from Bristol University said, “The animal would have been so massive that I think it would have been able to prey effectively on anything that was unfortunate enough to be in its space,” 

Pilosaur’s prey would have remained other reptiles: the plesiosaur, and the ichthyosaur – and fossil evidence reveals that it would have attacked other passing pliosaurs.

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