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China Mobile delisting from the NY Stock Exchange!

China Mobile delisting

The China Mobile delisting from the New York Stock Exchange was done due to the Trump-era decision to stop investment in Cino-tech companies. But, the company’s shares are on the rise after it started trading in Shangai. The biggest public offering in China was done of around $7.7bn in a …

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Theranos’ CEO, Elizabeth Holmes, was found guilty of fraud.


Theranos’ Ceo, Elizabeth Holmes, is being tried in court for her diagnostics machine. Her claim was that the machine could test numerous diseases. But it wasn’t so. The case has four acquittals, four guilty verdicts, and three charges that the jury is divided on. People who followed the company’s documentaries, …

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Best Mobile Games in 2022


Every game lover is looking for the best mobile games in 2022. So, we decided to compile the list for our audience. Our team did in-depth research and brought to us, the big titles to look for this year. The gaming world is so vast and regularly updated. New games …

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How To Increase Merit In Pubg

how to increase merit points in pubg

The merit system in Pubg monitors the  level of fair play in the game. It  tries to maintain the healthy culture in the Pubg. So, this is the most common question that how to increase the merit points in Pubg? In order to enjoy the maximum levels of the game, …

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