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Win A Free PlayStation 5 And 12 Months Of PS Plus Account

Win A Free PlayStation 5 And 12 Months Of PS Plus Account

Sony is giving away free PlayStation 5 and 12 months of PS Plus account as a Christmas gift to its customers. However, there are certain conditions to grab this treat.

The competition to win a free PS5 is spearheaded by Sony as part of its season play. The users are required to sign in to their PS account and respond to 5 questions. The PSN account holder won’t have to face any trouble whereas other gamers will need to create their PSN account to take part in this competition.

Keeping in mind the vast scale of this competition, Sony has restricted one entrance per account. and anyone can not enter more than once with a single account. However, it all depends on luck.

Not only the PS5 but the PS Plus account for a year giveaway is also being done. PS Plus is offering Bonus Free Games, It is offering many games like Mortal Combat 1 amongst others.

Plus, for those of us whose PS4 has become outdated, it is a golden opportunity to update our console without spending a penny on purchasing the new console.

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