Raspberry Pi Increasing Its Production Capacity From 70k To 90k Per Week

Raspberry Pi Increasing Its Production Capacity From 70k To 90k Per Week

Raspberry Pi is increasing its production capacity from 70k to 90k per week from February 2024. The shortage of Raspberry Pi models will be reduced after a couple of tough years. But, the latest version ( Pi 5 ) will still be challenging.

The company has decided to meet the demand for the Raspberry Pi 5 boards by increasing its production from 70k up to 90k per week.

This news came from Raspberry Pi’s CEO Eben Upton. Who also shared the latest pictures of the panels stuffed with Pi 5 boards, ready for testing and delivery. Every panel in the picture is composed of nine Pi 5 boards.

Upton also remarked that “Uplift to 90ku is mostly due to bringing more test heads online in the auto test pods,” he further said, “Sony is quite remarkable.”

Sony has a production facility in Pancoed, Wales, Pi boards are being produced with highly sophisticated and automated production lines.

CEO also felt inefficient in telling the exact numbers of Pi 4 boards being produced per week but tried to tell that Pi 4 boards were also of the same quantity as of Pi 5. He reiterated that the Raspberry Pi will keep the pace up for the production of the Pi 4 and Pi 5 boards until “backlogs are fulfilled and the channel (Approved Resellers and others) is in a good stock position.”

Till the recent checks, the Pi 5 models were in stock in the USA and UK warehouses. However, with Pi5 providing 4 GB or 8 GB RAM for just $5 more than the Pi 4 models, people prefer it more.

The features of Raspberry Pi 5 are jaw-dropping for anyone interested in computers. The Pi 5 models offer more:

  1. Speed
  2. Faster USB
  3. M.2 SSDs Connection
  4. Fast WiFi
  5. Dual Camera

But, companies are choosing the older versions of the Pi boards because of the following reasons:

  1. Pi5 requires a new chassis number
  2. A cooler
  3. High Watt Power Supply
  4. Not a drop-in replacement

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