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Solutions For Soupy Green Bean Casserole On Thanksgiving 2023

Solutions For Soupy Green Bean Casserole On Thanksgiving 2023

The biggest issue that arises in Green Bean Casserole is it’s becoming soupy. With its ingredients including the can of cream of mushroom soup, the final look should be creamy instead of loose and watery.

The founder of The Seasoned Mom, Blair Lonargan says a thin and soupy Casserole destroys your Thanksgiving plate, waters down the taste and crunchiness of the topping.

Making your sauce thick is important because it binds the Casserole together – said Lauren Allen, the owner of the recipe website Tastes Better From Scratch. In Lieu of being watery and thin, the coating of green bean is achieved by the thickening of the sauce, it also aids the other flavors to be more concentrated than diluted.

The Three Perfect Ways To Prepare the Best Soupy Green Bean Casserole

Table of Contents

1. Using The Cornstarch

One lifestyle blogger with 132k Instagram followers suggested that to prepare a perfect saucy casserole on the events like Thanksgiving you don’t require many ingredients. If you find your casserole watery and loose, you can use Cornstarch. This is done by getting a separate bowl and adding 2 tablespoons of Cornstarch with some water.

Another influencer gave a piece of advice to add more cream of mushroom soup to get a thick Casserole.

2. Using Butter And Flour

A roux is prepared by the use of fat ( usually butter ) and flour for thickening of casserole sauce. The process involves:

1 Melt the butter on a medium flame

2 Add some flour to the butter

3 Whip continuously for 2 minutes

4 Keep on whipping and cooking until it turns a slight tan in color and gets thickened

5 Keep on adding some cream of milk and stir until it soothes and thickens

6 Now mix this sauce with Green Beans

7 Finally bake it

3. Jumping To Stove

If one has already baked the casserole try removing the onion layer from the top as much as you can. Then follow these instructions:

1 Transfer the filling to the large skillet on the stovetop

2 Keep on heating the filling until it simmers. Now add cornstarch of flour to make it a “slurry”

3 Cornstarch or Flour is added with some water to make it a slurry

4 Now whisk to remove the lumps

5 While stirring, add the slurry to the fillings. which will start to bubble on the stovetop

6 When the texture of the filling reaches its desired form, transfer it to the oven

7 Now enjoy the perfect Green Bean Casserole.

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