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How To Get Drones Out Of Trees (top 10 ways)

how to get drones out of trees
How To Get Drones Out Of Trees

It is disastrous to get your drones stuck in the trees, this happens with the best of us. When we go out to the park or fields to test and fly our new drone. These drones may be expensive and our only aerial filming platform. So to recover it from the trees is the only option left to us.

there are numerous ways from traditional to advanced ones. Now let’s discuss some of them in detail.

Ways to get drones out of trees

1. Using A Ladder

using a ladder
Using A Ladder

if the height is not much, one can use a ladder to recover the drone from the tree. However, you can use a rod or stick, after climbing the ladder, to bam the quadcopter out of the tree. However one must keep in mind the height of the tree plus the check the ground on which you are going to place your ladder.

You should make sure that the ground is not wet and slippery in order to prevent from falling down and getting hurt.

2. Using A Long Pole

using a pole or stick
Using A Tool Or A Stick

If the ladder is not available nearby, you can opt for a long pole to get the drone out of the tree. You can shake the tree with the pole and create some space for the drone to fall down to you. But, one must keep certain things in mind before using the pole.

If the pole is metallic it should not be touch with electrical wires passing above or below you, as metal conducts electricity. Furthermore, the weight of the pole should be measured before using it, it can happen that you can not control the pole in the air due to its heaviness. This way you can injure yourself or the people around you.

3. Using A Weight

using a weight
Using A Weight

This can be possible that neither the ladder nor the pole is available to you in that tough situation. So you would be finding alternatives to solve the problem. Using a weight like a small stone or a ball like a slingshot can free your drone from a tree.

 However, stones should be chosen wisely. They should not be pointed and too heavy. Plus throwing the stone directly towards the drone can damage the quadcopter, so greater care should be taken while doing so.

4. Vertical Human Chain

human chain
Human Chain

 If you are out with friends and faces this situation. You can request your friend to help you out. All of us are aware of the power of unity, the human chain is another instrumental way to pluck the drone from the tree. But this can only be used when the drone is not too high in the tree and its height is within 5 to 10 meters.

Plus, utmost care should be taken while climbing on the shoulders of your friend. In some cases, only adults and professionals are advised to do these steps.

5. Calling A Fire Brigade

calling a fire brigade
Calling A Fire Brigade

If you have the ability to deal with government departments, you can call the fire brigade services. They have long ladders installed on their vehicles which help the people in many ways. They can also help you to bring the drone down from a tree. This can be a little expensive in some areas around the world as you can be asked to pay a minimum expense for their services. You are advised to discuss all these matters before utilizing their services.

6. Taking Help From A Taller Person Nearby

taking help from a taller person
Taking Help From A Taller Person

asking help from someone is not a bad thing. In fact, it is a good thing if you need someone’s help or advice. People are always happy to help you out, so many long-lasting friendships are seen after such a momentous help-seeking.

So if you find a taller person around you, request him politely to help you get the drone out of the tree. It may happen that you can not reach the distance as he or she can due to their heights.

7. Climbing The Tree

climbing the tree
Climbing The Tree

if you are a climber, you can help yourself. There are a lot of techniques available to climb the tree, most of them are easy to learn. If the drone is not too high you can climb the tree and get it barehanded.

However, there is a risk of getting hurt. You must take all the precautions before climbing the tree. Check out the precautions from google and learn about them.

8. Climbing On The Roof

climbing on the roof
Climbing On The Roof

sometimes there are trees nearer to the roof of the house if you find yourself in that sort of situation. You can climb the roof of the house nearby the tree and try to get you drone from there. Sometimes you can use a long pole or stick from the roof to reach the tree. However, precautions should be taken for a pole as discussed above.

9. Using A Stool Or A Table

using a stool or a table
Using A Stool Or A Table

using a stool or a table may not provide you a maximum height. But it can help you a little if the drone is stuck nearer in the tree. The table can be a bit shaky, be sure to place someone for holding the table while you are on the table reaching for a drone.

Water on the ground is dangerous for any sort of tool whether it’s a ladder, table, or stool. Always let the floor dry before placing your ladder or a table to climb on it.

10. Asking Help From A Family Or Friends

asking help from a family or a friends
Asking Help From A Family Or A Friends

never forget the last resort for help. Family and friends are always ready for your help in tough situations. You can reach out to them for help-seeking and explain your problem. It may be that you get precious advice from them if not physical help. They can show you the ways that can be adopted to get the drone out of the tree and save some dollars.

Concluding the discussion

The list is not exhausted and definitely not professional or legal advice. These are some of my personal methods that I shared in this article. If you find value in this article,  don’t forget to share it on social media and other platforms.

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