“Working Long Hours And Blending Work And Life” – Wayfair’s CEO Niraj Shah’s Email

Wayfair's CEO Niraj Shah's Email

Niraj Shah, CEO of Wayfair, emailed the company’s employees with lots of suggestions and reprimandations. He advised the staff members to increase their working hours and blend their life and work.

Shah said, “Don’t shy away from doing more work and blending your work with your life.” He also said, “Winning requires hard work. I believe that most of us, being ambitious individuals, find fulfillment in the joy of seeing our efforts materialize into tangible results.”

Niraj Shah also advised the employees in the words, “Working long hours, being responsive, blending work and life, is not anything to shy away from. There is not a lot of history of laziness being rewarded with success.”

Shah encouraged the workers to own the company’s money as their own and should keep this thing in mind. He said to the employees to negotiate the price always, “Would you spend money on that, would you spend that much money for that thing, does that price seem reasonable, and lastly — have you negotiated the price?”

The company saw huge growth during the pandemic when everyone shifted to online shopping. People ordered the furniture online too. But, as the people are returning to normal, Wayfair saw a decrease in the business at the start of 2022. It also announced to cut the workforce by 5%.

But, Niraj Shah gave the confidence to his employees and said we are back on track. “Together we can win much faster than we are winning now if we all row in this direction together,” he said. “Let’s be aggressive, pragmatic, frugal, agile, customer-oriented, and smart.”

But experts like Nicolas Bloom raised valid questions like “if Wayfair wants to run a business where people work 80 hours a week, he’s going to have to put up their salaries by 50% to pay them for it.”

This question remains unanswered whether a company would compensate the employees for their long working hours by increasing their salaries by 50%.

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