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A Legendary Comedian “Norman Lear” Is Dead At The Age OF 101

A Legendary Comedian "Norman Lear" Is Dead At The Age OF 101

Norman Lear, A writer as well as producer who used political commentary into a situational comedy. His shoe “All In The Family” proved that it was possible to be funny and topical as well. He gathered million of views with his shows. The legend died on Tuesday in his home at Los Angles.

Lara Bergthold, a family spokesperson, confirmed the death.

Norman Lear reigned in the era of 1970s and 1980s with his sitcoms and shows. The shows like “All in the family” with his remarkable character “Archie Bunker” made him legend.

Archie was a bigot, who was always angry with one group or another. The character was also portrayed by “Carroll O’Connor”. Archie was mysteriously likeable despite his misguided enthusiasm, and malaprops.

History Of Norman Lear

He was born on July 27,1922, in New Haven to Herman and Jeanette (Seicol) Lear. His father was a salesman by profession, but was bad at selling things. His father sometimes broke the law also, and had a taste of Archie in him.

In 1940, Norman graduated from Weaver High School and went to Emerson College in Boston. But, had to leave the college as the USA entered into the WWII. He joined the air force.

He grew to the technical sergeant and performed 52 missions as radioman, Norman also recieved the Air Medal with 4 oak lead clusters.

Critics And Well-Wishers

Norman Lear’s show “All In The Family” faced severe criticism and praise as well. John Leonard, the writer of Life Magazine called the show “Wretched”

The New York Times writer, Fred Ferretti criticized the show and said “ They don’t make one laugh,”

But the viewers also liked the show, according to The Times reports, in March 1972, “at 8 p.m. every Saturday, 60 percent of all television sets in America were turned to it, and from 50 million to 60 million viewers were watching”

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