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Astronauts Found A Missing Of-Earth-Grown Tomato After 8 Months!

Astronauts Found A Missing Of-Earth-Grown Tomato After 8 Months!

Missing things is quite normal on Earth, but it turns humongous for missing first ever of-earth grown tomato. The story of this unique tomato being grown in space was broke out about 8 months ago.

That tomato was actually lost in space. However, it was recently found by the seven astraunauts floating in the space. They encountered this priceless vegetable.

Jasmin Moghbeli, NASA astronaut, revealed the news by stating: “Well, we might have found something that someone had been looking for for quite awhile.”

This “Tomato” is of immense importance, as it was the first vegetable to be grown and harvested in the space.

American astronaut Frank Rubio, grew the tomato in March of this year. The scientist keeps the record of world’s longest spaceflight of three hundred and seventy days.

This way, now Moghbeli holds the two distinctive awards. one is of growing fruit in space while the second is of longest spaceflight.

In the race of longest space mission, this “RED ROBIN TOMATO” was a thing to be proud of for Rubio before he lost it.

“I harvested, I think, what was the first tomato in space, and I put it in a little bag.” – Rubio expressed his guilt during the NASA interview.

He lost the tomato while showing his marvellous achievement to his students. He said: “I was pretty confident that I Velcroed it where I was supposed to Velcro it, and then I came back and it was gone.”

Rubio is also blamed to eat the tomato himself, but this discovery will definitely ease his hardships in the future.

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