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How Did Argentina lose to Saudi Arabia In Fifa World Cup 2022?

How Did Argentina lose to Saudi Arabia In Fifa World Cup 2022?

Saudi Arabia made FIFA World Cup history by defeating Argentina in Group C by a score of 2-1. where analysts predicted Argentina (3rd in the world football rankings) would beat 52nd-ranked Saudi Arabia. However, history has been created by the Saudi football team.

Everyone was talking about Argentina’s skipper Lionel Messi. People were pretty sure that Messi will do wonders for his side in this Football world cup. This would be the farewell world cup for the superstar Messi, but unfortunately, his side has tasted the dirt in this clash with the Saudi soccer team.

Messi scored in the first half, which was neutralized by a couple of goals from the opponent team player Saleh Al-Shehri and Salem Al Dawsari.

Saudi fans started cheering for their team for this unbelievable performance in the Group match against one of the top teams in world football. The Arabs fans came in good numbers in Lusail Stadium, Qatar.

After Argentina’s opening goal in the first half, Saudi Arab’s team looked on the back foot. But, Their manager Hervé Renard’s instructions lifted them up in the second half of the game. Instead, they turned the match around.

Al Dawsari’s incredible long-distance goal and subsequent acrobatic celebration have written stories, for the Saudi football team and their nation, to tell. It was definitely an “I was there” moment for the fans.

As the match ended, both sides’ players bend to their knees in disbelief and exhaustion. Messi looked heartbroken, fans cheered his name to the skies.

According to Gracenote, a Nielsen company, This upset was the biggest setback for Argentina in the history of world cups. “The most surprising World Cup win ever according to Gracenote was USA’s victory over England in 1950 with a 9.5% chance of victory for the US team but Saudi Arabia’s chance of victory today was estimated at 8.7% so takes over at number one,” it said in a statement.

While this was the biggest win for the Saudi team, it was a humiliating defeat for the Argentina team. Their heads were down, and none of the players stopped to face the media but Messi. Who took photos also with the reporters and fans.

It is also reported that the three teams which have defeated Argentina in the world cup have either won the title or ended as a finalist.

” Playing WorldCup is different but beating Argentina is something out of this world ” – a Saudi Arab team fan.

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