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Three Dead And Numerous Missing In Alaska Landslide

Three Dead And Numerous Missing In Alaska Landslide

Three people are reported dead while numerous are missing in a landslide in a region of Southeast Alaska. State officials said on Tuesday.

Right along the coastal stretch of Zimovia Highway in Wrangell, Alaska, a slope gave way with a lot of wooden debris. Claimed by the state officials.

The landslide was reportedly caused by soil saturation due to heavy rain and high wind. In recent days, Alasks faced severe weather conditions, which resulted in landslides and other disasters. according to Shannon McCarthy, a spokesperson for the state Transportation Department.

Three homes and a 500-foot section of a highway were struck by the downhill movement of the tree and mud debris of the landslide. according to officials who briefed reporters on a video conference call on Tuesday.

The body of the female juvenile was found in the initial search by the Emergency Response Personnel, and one woman was saved from the debris on Tuesday morning.

Fortunately, The woman was declared safe and in good condition by the State Public Safety Department.

The two other dead bodies were found later on in that area. Three people were reported missing till the end of the search on Tuesday.

Geologists predicted the risk of additional landslides in the area, but the portion of the landslide area was believed to be stable enough to resume the search on Tuesday.

The drones and helicopters were also deployed in the search and rescue operation.

According to Mason Villarma, acting borough manager, at least 20 to 30 residents were rescued in the said vicinity.

Historically, native Tlingit people resided in Wrangell until the 19th century, when Russians established settlements.

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